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Purpose of business is to create customer to generate profit. Strategy can be for the Business, Product, Process or even functional.
A sound strategy is key to Business Profitability, Sustainability & long term success. It starts with Scanning the Business environment, continues with multiple future Scenario planning. Deciding on where to play & creating implementable strategic plan are key management activities.
This Business strategy gets further cascaded into various Functions in the organization. It also seamlessly connects with Products strategy & organizational processes.
C3 VIVO deeply engages with clients in creation of all encompassing Business strategy. With an experience of more than 10 years with proven methods, the organization gets immensely benefitted in short & long term.

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(Technological Organizational Development)

Technological development of organization is also an essential element. Sustenance of an organization in current context heavily depends on contemporary technology if not leadership.

  •  Gap Analysis : Current Product Performance
  •  TIV & Market Share
  •  Product needs - Variants
  •  New Markets - Volume Expansion

  •  Gap Analysis : Current Product USP improvement
  •  New Products & major variants
  •  Mapping technology Trend & Pilot
  •  Building Org. structure

  •  New Technologies
  •  Skill & Competencies
  •  Infrastructure & Capacity
  •  New Markets

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Product Design

Effective product development & commercialization is a central driver of business growth. While line extensions and evolutionary development are an important source of revenue and profit, the most exceptional returns often come from revolutionary developments – game-changing products and markets that draw on the latest technologies and service models.
New product development is a challenging, complex undertaking that involves critical interdependent activities and considerations. C3VIVO expert technology team designs and develops new products for organizations across a broad range.
C3 VIVO provide a one-stop product development service for you to take your product to market, from advising on business cases and creating initial concepts through to design and development; from manufacture and supply chain set-up to ongoing support for lasting success.

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Management by Objective

MBOR (Management by objectives & Results)

This is a tool to implement strategy.

Those organizations which are good at effective implementation of strategy generally lead the back. A four dimensional matrix, covering Customer - Finance - Internal process – Learning & Growth perspective helps in covering all aspects of business to achieve Organisational objectives.

In addition, there is list of key initiatives which helps in creation of an action plan at ground level.

C3 VIVO provides rich insight into this process with a background experience of implementing this strategy at large scale Technological & Business organization.

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Objective : To reduce cost with out losing value / performance

  •  Function analysis – justify each parameter
  •  Bench marking
  •  Alternate / Lateral ways
  •  Alternate process / material
  •  Cost benchmarking & analysis

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(Industry Ready Engineers)

Industry has to spend substantial time & efforts in training freshers before assigning projects to them.
While the good & academically qualified people are available in plenty, they lack skill sets required by industry.
Structured training programs would enable the student to get accustomed to the practices & practical requirements in the industry, giving her or him the ability to perform well as per industry required standards at the earliest.
A focused module designed to go hand in hand with the curriculum.
Developing the individual in all aspects of her/his personality.
Getting them up to speed with the industry and its requirements/expectations from the individual.

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Innovation & IPR

Theory of exponential growth and decay are the challenges in todays product life cycle.
The best today likely to get obsolete tomorrow. Hence need for the Innovation in exponential manner. Its Rapid exploration of multidimensional concepts/ideas.
C3VIVO collaborate with organizations to co-create innovation through design thinking in every process. Enhancing efficiencies in existing products, lowering costs, adding features that position products competitively, and creating new products which are the ultimate pathways delighting customer for higher growth.
C3VIVO faculties in earlier tenure nurtured Innovation and enable to get numerous patent for their organization. In current status C3VIVO applied for few patents / design registrations

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Problem Solving & Root cause analysis

Problem solving is a skill. It is application of specific thought process besides experience & domain knowledge.

C3VIVO approach does not stop only at the solution to the problem but goes beyond enhancing business value, improving Rational, Functional and at times Emotional values.

C3VIVO has very thoughtful and structured approach for analyzing & problem solving. We use various tools and technique arriving at root cause and proving the same by hypothesis.

C3VIVO ensures through the equally structured laid down process that recurrence is avoided by taking preventive action as applicable to Product, Process & people.

cts on-time with cost & quality adherence.

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Quality Systems

Customized quality systems to suit every organization, covering entire product lifecycle.
Quality Systems to deliver projects on-time with cost & quality adherence.

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